The Porto of Catarina Beirão
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She is 17 years old and the beaches of Porto and Matosinhos are almost a second home for this promising Portuguese surfer and female regional champion in the U-18 category. Her passion for surfing surfaced five years ago and has already led to many national and foreign beaches, but it is in Porto that are some of her favorite places.

The athlete of Porto Surf Club does not hide her passion for the sea and the beaches of Porto, and shares with the readers of Hey Porto some of her suggestions for days well spent in the city.

Bar: Bonaparte, Avenida Brasil

I like the environment. I like it because it is a traditional bar in the area where I have always lived, because there are great “pregos” (pork steaks), and because I go there with family and friends.


Restaurant- Picaba – Edifício Transparente – Healthy food, in front of the ocean and the beach where I started to surf. The employees know us and make us feel at home. It has a Surf menu and because, no matter how many times I go there, I never get tired of it.


Stroll:  seaside walkwayl from the mouth of the Douro River to the Ribeira – walking for me has to be on the shore with the ripples caressing my feet. I am fortunate to live in a unique area of ​​Porto, almost in front of the sea, where I can take this particular stroll very regularly. A walk that is never the same, because the uniqueness of the sea is what makes us always see it differently. There is an unmistakable scent of the sea, and even on foggy and cold days the “whistle” sound (sound coming from the lighthouse to warn the boats on foggy days) makes this tour unique.


Ideal place for surfing: Maceda beach (Ovar, Aveiro)

I love the access through the middle of the forest, dunes and cliffs that constitute the beach. Looks like a dream surf spot!


A secret of the city: Jardim das Virtudes (Garden of Virtues) – has been less known … but remains a place with some magic. I remember the first time I went there and realized the wonderful view that this garden has. A view to our river Douro and, at the same time in the middle of Baixa, with the court and the garden of Cordoaria at the back. I have no doubt that whenever someone goes there for the first time they will be surprised to have one of the most beautiful views of our city.

Walking – Chapel of Fradelos
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“O Porto a penantes” – Penantes is a typical Porto expression that means “walking” – it is a personal project of Joaquim Lino, who likes to walk and photograph some of the corners of the city. He will be sharing with Hey Porto! readers every month some of these tours, leaving suggestions so that those who visit the city can discover secrets that often, not even the people of Porto know.

Recently, in one of these walks through the city, he entered the Chapel of Fradelos, a small late-19th-century church, located at the intersection of Guedes de Azevedo and Sá da Bandeira streets, which is generally off the main tourist routes but deserves to be known. On the main façade and in the interior there are tiles by Jorge Colaço, the same author of the tiles that decorate the Station of St. Benedict and the Church of St. Ildefonso. The stucco ceiling decorated by gold center medallions stands out.


Rua Sá da Bandeira
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From the little farms and alleys a cosmopolitan street was born.

Today it is one of the most central and busiest streets of Porto, but it was a place formerly occupied by agricultural land, alleys and even stalls.

The name of the street itself has a curious story: Bernardo Sá Nogueira de Figueiredo was a marshal loyal to the Liberals troops. During the Siege of Porto, in the war between Liberals and Absolutists, the arm that carried the liberal flag was severed by the enemy. It would be known as Sá da Bandeira. Later he took up important political positions, even becoming a minister. He was also distinguished with the titles of Baron, Viscount and Marquis.

Rua Sá da Bandeira only appeared in the 19th century: until then, it was still an area with small  farms and farmland, many of them belonging to D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira (A Ferreirinha), one of the most important names in the history of Port Wine. The area also had small alleys, which were almost completely demolished.

The street began to be constructed in 1836, but the first houses would only appear seven years later. In 1875 it was extended to Rua Formosa and the continuation until Rua de Fernandes Tomás (1904) which forced the demolition of the stables where the horses, which pulled the public transport, were at the time. Later, the street would be extended to the South and later to the North, until it gained its present form.


Points of interest


Sá da Bandeira Theater

It opened in 1870, but earlier there had been more rudimentary structures for spectacles. It was here that in 1895, Sarah Bernhardt performed, and it was also here that the first films which were made in Portugal were shown. It is said to have been the first theater in Porto to use electric lighting.




Bolhão Market

O mercado mais tradicional da cidade foi construído em cima de uma bolha de água (daí o seu nome). Datado de 1850, é um belo exemplo da arquitetura neoclássica, mas é o seu interior, onde a alma Porto está mais presente. Os produtos frescos, a simpatia dos vendedores e a frescura dos produtos tradicionais portugueses merecem uma visita.



Palácio do Comércio

A residential building, with commerce and offices, which surprises by its magnificence. It is worth beholding the sculptures of horses that are at the top, as well as all its architecture. It was built in the 1940s by the couple of architects David Moreira da Silva and Maria José Marques da Silva, daughter of José Marques da Silva, one of the most important architects of the city.




A Brasileira Café

It is currently under construction to become a hotel, but this is a building with history. In 1903, Adriano Teles, who had been an emigrant in Brazil, opened this cafe to make known his own brand of coffee. During the decades of 50 and 60 was habitual place of get-togethers and gatherings.

Suggestions by Joaquim de Almeida
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With a career spanning almost 40 years and more than 100 films and television series, Joaquim de Almeida is the most famous Portuguese actor in the world. He lives in the USA, where he worked for the most part of his career, but spends some periods of the year in Portugal.

He was born in Lisbon in March of 1957, being the sixth of eight children to a couple of pharmacists. His career, however, would turn out to be another and, still very young, chose to pursue the profession of actor. When the Conservatory of Lisbon was temporarily closed due to the upheaval caused by the revolution of April 25, he moved to Vienna to continue studying. At that time he landed a job as a gardener.

In 1976 he went to New York to study acting with Lee Strasberg, Nicholas Raye and Stella Adler, while working in a bar. His first major role came in “The Soldier” in 1981, but it was “Good Morning Babylon” that launched him into an international career that has not stopped since. He has worked with actors such as Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, Antonio Banderas, Robert Rodriguez, Steven Soderbergh, Benicio del Toro or Kiefer Sutherland.

As a guest star on TV shows such as “CSI Miami” or “Bones” – where he often plays the role of a Latino villain – he has also appeared regularly in other series, such as “24”, “Queen of the South” or “Training Day.” Simultaneously, he continues to work with Portuguese filmmakers and actors, achieving box office successes and winning several awards and distinctions.


Best bar

On a more cultural level, I suggest Maus Hábitos. To go out late at night, any day of the week, Casa do Livro.

Best Restaurant

It is difficult to choose one. Thus, there are three:  Oficina of chef Marco Gomes or the LSD of the chef João Lupo and also the less known Paparico, perhaps the biggest secret to eat well in Porto

Romantic Site and Tour

Sail the Douro River on the boat that was built for the 60th birthday of Queen Elizabeth of England. Spend two nights in cozy rooms and enjoy first class service. September and October is the best time to do so.

Secret of the City

It is the view that one has from the space of the Cooperativa Árvore. How beautiful it is to see the Douro from there, spend the afternoon between a wine and a snack … Very close to the center and yet, still so unknown to the people of Porto.

Álvaro Costa
22 August, 2017 /

Radio and TV professional, DJ and commentator, Álvaro Costa is one of the most outstanding symbols of Portuguese audio visual field. Music and cinema are two of his greatest passions, but he also talks about football or international politics with the same expertise and always with incomparable humor.

He was born in Vila do Conde in August 1959, but it is in Porto that he lives and it is here that he has developed great part of his career.

On the radio, television or on the web, Álvaro Costa is a true expert in pop culture and has a real gift for discovering new talents. He is a born communicator with a great sense of humor, which has made him hugely popular among the Portuguese public.

His activity as a radio broadcaster began in Oporto in the 80’s and in that decade he debuted on television with the programs “Rock in Portuguese” and “Videopólis”. In the late 80’s he went to London to work on the “Music Box” channel and where he collaborated with a Portuguese section on BBC. In the 90s he lived in the USA.

His career in Portuguese radio and television has been marked by several projects. One of those that brought him immense popularity was “A Liga dos Últimos,” a program about amateur football. Always attentive to new technologies, Álvaro Costa has also created web programs.

André Villas-Boas
26 June, 2017 /

Born in Porto in 1977 and, despite being still young, he already has a career full of success, working in several top clubs. The football coach is currently in China, but returns whenever he can to the city where he was born.

Passionate about football since he was a child, André Villas-Boas embarked on this career almost by chance. Sir Bobby Robson, who coached FC Porto in the 1990s, was his neighbour. André, who had always been a fan of FC Porto and spoke fluent English, lost his shyness and started talking about football with his neighbour. The British coach was impressed by his knowledge of football and suggested that he take a coaching course.

He was trained in England, but Villas-Boas would eventually arrive at FC Porto as coach of the youth teams.  After an experience as technical director in the British Virgin Islands, he met up again with José Mourinho, who had also worked with Robson. He worked with Mourinho at FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan, before taking over as head coach at Académica.

In June 2010 he was to be presented as the coach of FC Porto, a place that is said to be his “dream come true” and where he would conquer a national championship, a Portuguese Cup and the Europa League.

It was the springboard for his international success, but it never made him leave the city where he grew up and where he likes to walk with his wife, Joana, and his three children.


Coach experience:

Académica (Portugal) 2009/10

FC Porto (Portugal) 2010/2011

Chelsea (England) 2011/12

Tottenham (England) 2012/13

Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia) 2014/16

Shanghai SIPG (China) 2016





A pub:

Fé Wine & Club – Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre nº1, Porto


A restaurant

An old classic Seafood restaurant. Be sure to taste the hot spice sauce of the house.

Roberto Ivens Street, 628

4450-249 Matosinhos


A place to walk / visit:

From Baixa to Cantareira by bike


A romantic place:

Lunch at Casa Lindo, Gramado, Valbom

Travessa Convention of Gramido 26, Valbom


A secret of the city that he wants to reveal:

Rua do Alto da Arrábida. It is one of the best views of the city.

Porto unravelled to children
26 June, 2017 /

Get to know Porto and its secrets in a simple and diverted way. The book “O Porto é” is available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English and introduces the city to children.

This “picture book” about Porto aims to show the city to those who visit it. The book was published as a result of a conversation between the publisher and one of Lello’s former partners, explains the author, Ana La Bella Carapinheiro, who also wrote “Portugal é”, a book that intends to show the essence of the Portuguese people.

The book about Porto shows the typical gastronomic delicacies of the city, as well as some of its ex-libris, such as Jardins do Palácio de Cristal and São João.

The two works have illustrations by Tânia Bailão Lopes and are available on the website and facebook of Petit Publisher, as well as in Livraria Lello (Porto), Livraria Velhotes (Gaia) or at Portosigns store.

“Eating à la Porto”
8 May, 2017 /

Journey through the flavors of the city

Consisting of 168 pages with recipes, stories and curiosities of traditional dishes of Porto, “Eating à la Porto” is an English book for everyone who wants to know more about the gastronomy of the city.

The book, which had already been published in Portuguese at the end of last year, now has an English version, dedicated to all who have visited Porto and were conquered by dishes such as Porto style tripe or Francesinhas.

This is a work coordinated by chef Hélio Loureiro, chef of the national soccer team and author of 16 works dedicated to cooking and wines. An enthusiast of Portuguese cuisine, he has studied the history of typical dishes of the city and this book reveals some of the stories he discovered. The book also includes the participation of some of Porto’s most prestigious chefs, such as António Vieira, Camilo Jaña, Cordeiro, Inês Diniz, João Pupo, Luís Américo, Marco Gomes and Rui Paula. They all share a recipe inspired by the city.


Eating à la Porto – Gastronomy with history at everyone’s reach

Author: HélioLoureiro

Editions Almedina

HeyValencia, a new Hey Group’s project
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We would like to welcome HeyValencia, the new publication of the Hey Group . Like HeyPorto it is a newspaper in which to find all the news, curiosities, events, news, gastronomy … of the city of Valencia.

If you are traveling to Valencia do not hesitate to visit and discover how to get the most out of your stay.