Writers’ route through Porto ( Raul Brandão )

Writers’ route through Porto ( Raul Brandão )

He was born at no. 12 of what was then Rua da Bela Vista, in Foz do Douro, on March 12th 1867 – the street that later adopted the writer’s name – Raul Brandão.

Being a descendant of fishermen, and Foz being the place where he spent his adolescence and youth, the sea was a recurring theme in his work, as in Os Pescadores.

He was a Portuguese military man, journalist and writer, famous for the realism of his descriptions and the lyricism of his language.

He left an extensive literary and journalistic work that greatly influenced literature in the Portuguese language.
His work influenced so much that the Azorean Islands are known by a colour code that was part of his work “The unknown islands”.

With Júlio Brandão, also an author, he was a playwright, writing Noite de Natal, which went on stage at the D. Maria II National Theatre in 1899.

Raul Germano Brandão was one of the greatest landmarks of Porto’s literature. He died at the age of 63 on December 5th 1930.

He received several honorary initiatives, such as a monument erected in his honour, in the garden of Passeio Alegre

The 150th anniversary of his birth was celebrated with the publication of three works of the writer, one of them with unpublished texts, the last book that Raul Brandão wrote but that had never been published.

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