Porto is the city of the Camellias

Porto is the city of the Camellias

Porto is a vast garden of Camellias planted along the Douro.

These flowers give life and joy to the city of Porto, during sad and grey winter days.

Even in Porto’s cemeteries there are Camellias.

As a way to celebrate this flower, every year Porto is invaded by the Camellia Week in the 2nd week of March, which unfortunately cannot happen this year.

Organized for the first time in 1984, in the Ferreira Borges Market, this exhibition has travelled to various places in the city, such as the Municipal Library, the Monastery of São Bento da Vitória, Serralves, or the Palácio da Bolsa

Year after year, this event arouses the curiosity and enthusiasm of many camellia admirers, collectors and producers, and invites the public to get to know and appreciate the different species of this winter flower, which today abounds and spreads colours throughout the city’s gardens.

The main growers who, over the years, have perfected the cultivation of this flower, multiplying it in the most varied species, have sprinkled the gardens of the city of Porto with colour and shapes.

Camellias are a natural and cultural heritage of Porto.

Porto is a river among camellias.

So, here are some Places to find Camellias:

– Jardim Botânico
– Palácio de Cristal – Gardens and Library
– Museu Romântico
– Casa Tait
– Jardim S Lazaro
– Rotunda da Boavista
– Antiga Igreja de Cedofeita
– Jardim do Marquês
– Parque da Cidade
– Cemitérios de Agramonte e Prado do Repouso

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