José Rodrigues – The sculptor who made his mark in Porto

José Rodrigues – The sculptor who made his mark in Porto

José Rodrigues is one of the greatest Portuguese sculptors, deceased on September 10, but his works continue to mark the landscape of the city.

Born in Luanda, Angola, in 1936, José Rodrigues demonstrated at a very early age a taste for sculpture and even as a child he liked to mold clay. Later in Portugal, he studied sculpture at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes do Porto, where he would become a teacher some time later. He was Founder and chairman of Cooperativa de Ensino Artístico Árvore and founder of the Bienal de Cerveira.

In addition to sculpture he also dedicated himself to other artistic expressions. He Illustrated books for writers and poets, produced ceramics and medals, created scenographies and designed the set for the classification ceremony of Porto as a World Heritage City.

His foundation, located in a former hat factory, embraced not only his studio, but also a place for dissemination of arts, with exhibition halls and an auditorium, receiving a ballet and theater company as well.

Among his most famous works are O Cubo da Praça da Ribeira (The Cube of Ribeira Square) (1976) or the Entrepreneur Monument (1992).

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