Jardim do Morro – Porto seen from Gaia

Jardim do Morro – Porto seen from Gaia

More than a garden, it is a privileged viewpoint of the Rio Douro and the city of Porto. The Jardim do Morro, in Gaia, is a brilliant spot to watch the sunset or to appreciate a casual stroll and enjoy the view.

For those in Porto, the access to this garden on the other side of the Rio Douro, can be done by metro since there is a station right in front, or by foot through the top deck of the Ponte D. Luís.

The garden, which has been recently refurbished, lies within in the spot where a hill once stood but ended up being destroyed, so as to build an avenue that connected Gaia to the top deck of the bridge and Porto.

The garden was inaugurated in 1927 and has since then become a privileged viewpoint to Porto. A lake, a cave and, recently, some stone benches have been strategically placed to make it that much more charming. The recent construction work improved the green spaces within it, as well as adding in a bar and other supportive structures.






Avenida da República, Vila Nova Gaia

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