Beer made in Portugal

Beer made in Portugal

Beer is a favourite drink at any time of the year, but in summertime It is better to accompany a light meal, an afternoon on the terrace, or even at an open-air concert.

Beer and summer blend well and complement each other. Perhaps this is why the Portuguese, as well as great lovers of beer, are also producers of internationally recognized brands. This is the case of Super Bock, made a few kilometres from Porto, which is the only brand on the market to win 36 gold medals from the international Monde Selection da la Qualité. The colour, flavour, foam and body are unique and make it the favourite of the Portuguese and foreigners visiting Portugal. The same brewery also produces Cristal, the oldest beer in the Portuguese market. Existing since 1890, it has also won several gold medals. For those who prefer beer with less alcohol, Cheers ensures the best flavour and lightness.


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