Art on the doors

Art on the doors

A stroll through the streets of Porto, even for those who know the city, always reveals surprising details. Closely looking at the doors of older buildings might actually reveal an art almost forgotten: the door stops.

Before the invention of the bells, visitors were announced by knocking on doors. To ensure an audible sound and for the visitors not to hurt their hands, it was necessary to create an accessory placed in the door itself. The stops are often authentic works of art, representing hands, flowers and even animals. Using materials such as bronze, iron or brass, the stops were quite popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Aluminum doorbells and doors have made this object almost unnecessary, but there are still many houses that with them, even if they are no longer used.

The author of the page Porto a Penantes toured several points of the city and photographed some of the most original examples: from Foz to Baixa, passing through the historic area, there are many stops that adorn the city gates.

When you walk through the harbor, it’s worth spending some time discovering these little details.


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13 March, 2018 /

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