The Art of Wrought Iron

The Art of Wrought Iron

As you stroll through Porto, make sure to stop along the way to look at the balconies, doors and windows and discover true works of art in wrought iron.

Present in major works, such as the D. Maria and D. Luís I bridges or the Ferreira Borges market, iron was not only used in architecture and engineering. Wrought iron, because it is more malleable, has been (and continues to be) used in more delicate decorative pieces. It is made in an artisan way and with a knowledge that has been passed down through generations.

Walking through Porto you will discover hundreds of small works of art present on the doors, windows and balconies. Geometric motifs, flowers, plants and animals “carved” in wrought iron, decorate houses making them unique. In some you can even see, among the iron lace, the date of the construction or the initials of its owner.

The author of the page Porto a Penantes has toured the streets of the city and in this edition shares some examples of the beauty of wrought iron.

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20 July, 2018 /

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