Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis R. de Dom Manuel II, 4050-342 Porto, Portugal
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Tel. : + 351 223 393 770

The Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis occupies the Carrancas Palace, a building from the end of 18th century that in the meantime has suffered several adaptations to its new function.

The access is made by the front door of the palace. On the ground floor is installed the Reception, where visitors can receive all the important information.

A leaflet with general information about the Museum is available in English and Portuguese and there are also other leaflets with details concerning visits for children accompanied by adults.

Visitors have at their disposal hall-stand and lockers with keys.

A wheel-chair for visitors who cannot walk through the galleries is also available. The access to all the public space is ensured by ramps or lift.
On the left side of the Reception is situated the Museum shop. Here visitors can find all kind of publications concerning this and other museums, as well as copies or objects inspired by pieces from collections belonging to IMC museums and palaces.

Walking across the shop the visitors reaches the Cafeteria where is possible to have lunch, coffee or tea. The weekly menu appears on the Museum website. When the weather is good the coffee-shop uses the former riding-space of the palace as esplanade.

On the right side of the Reception there is a room used for temporary exhibitions.

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