Almadinha Rua do Almada, 131 4050-137 Porto, Portugal
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Tel. : +351 222 005 032

the Almadinha is a restaurant in the art of serving traditional Portuguese cuisine, with original vaulted ceilings, known for its combination of tradition and quality of service.

Founded in 1905, “The Almadinha”, provides an intimate and relaxing environment where you get to know its history of many years in its walls.
The good taste and professionalism of our staff, makes our restaurant a unique place where you can enjoy unforgettable moments.

The Art and flavors of our people, gives the name to our country!

Opening hours | 12h – 15h / 19h.30m – 22h.30m
From Monday to Friday
Saturdays | 19h.30m
Closed | Sundays and holidays
Capacity | 25 people

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