Santo Tirso – Capital of contemporary sculpture

Santo Tirso – Capital of contemporary sculpture

A mere 15 minutes from the city of Porto, the municipality of Santo Tirso has one of the largest museums of contemporary sculpture in Europe: 54 works of art by world sculptors.

Sculptures in the gardens, sculptures in parks, sculptures in squares. Santo Tirso calls itself the European Capital of Contemporary Sculpture in Portugal. The project of the renowned architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura made the creation of the headquarters of the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture possible, inaugurated in May of 2016, a work of worldwide reference.

Santo Tirso, the city known for its delicious Jesuit tarts, is now the Portuguese Municipality with the largest contemporary art museum in the open. In total, 54 sculptures scattered throughout the city can be visited freely, with map and audio guides, or through a smartphone application.

Santo Tirso is a city to discover and feel. With a privileged location, it is an open-door town with unforgettable secular heritage and tradition. The São Bento Monastery of National Heritage, the Abade Pedrosa Municipal Museum, with its magnificent collection of archaeology, or the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Assumption, an example of art of Roman-Gothic inspiration, are places of an obligatory stopover

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