Santa Clara

Santa Clara

The saint who came from Rome

She was born in the Roman Empire, but it is in Porto, specifically in the Igreja do Bonfim, that this saint is worshipped. The festivities in her honor take place in September.

Daughter of pagan parents, Santa Clara was impressed by the suffering of Christians in the arenas of Rome and converted to Christianity. Persecuted by the Roman emperors, she died as a martyr. Initially she was buried in the catacombs of St. Callisto but in the eighteenth century a cardinal asked the Pope to exhibit the relics of the Saint. José Teixeira, a painter from Porto, asked the cardinal to bring the saint to Porto.

In 1779 her body was brought by ship to Portugal, and although the boat was caught in a great storm, the crew and the vessel suffered nothing. In Zaragoza and Lisbon the bishops and priests were supposed to have tried to keep the saint, but eventually she came to Porto. Initially she remained in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Terço and Caridade of Porto, but on the first Sunday of September of 1803 Santa Clara was transferred to the Igreja do Bonfim. She is the patron Saint of sailors, mothers in labor pains and children with speech problems.

The festivities in honor of the Virgin and Martyr Santa Clara is one of the largest in the city and always takes place on the first weekend of September.

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