Rui Veloso

Rui Veloso

The father of Portuguese rock

A career of 35 years, 25 albums released, more than one million CDs sold. They call him the father of Portuguese rock because it was his first album which was released in 1980, that national rock was born and developed, conquering   the great public.

Rui Veloso was born in Lisbon in 1957, but when he was three months old his family moved to Porto and at the early age of 6 he started playing the harmonica. The blues were his first passion and Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and B.B. King   greatly influenced him. As a teenager, he formed a band and began composing music. In 1976 he met Carlos Tê, the author of the lyrics of most of his songs. He had made some homemade recordings of unpublished songs and one day, without his knowledge, his mother sent the tapes to a Portuguese record label that challenged him to sing in Portuguese. In the 1980s “Ar de Rock” is released, an album with awesome tracks achieving great success from the public and critics.

This would be just the beginning of a successful career. Over the last few decades, Rui Veloso has gained a prominent place in the Portuguese music and international recognition that allowed him to play alongside the legendary BB King in 1990. That same year he performed before 12,000 people in the Pavilhão do Dramático, in Cascais, a feat never achieved before by any Portuguese artist.

The following year he performed in the first part of the concert of Paul Simon, before more than 50 thousand people.

In addition to having already performed in many concerts abroad and having released albums in other countries, Rui Veloso has participated in several projects with other Portuguese musicians.

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