Jimão Praça da Ribeira, 4050-509 Porto, Portugal
Listing Type : Tapas
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Tel. : (+351) 22 092 4660

What is Jimão

Jimão is a restaurant characterized by Mediterranean gastronomy. It has an innovative concept that distinguishes it from any other restaurant, because the core of its nature combines Spanish tapas with typical Portuguese flavors.

There is a terrace with a view to the Douro River (Rio Douro) and to the historic Cube square (Praça do Cubo). The wine list consists mainly of wines from Douro winery region – some of them unknown to the general public – and to the Vinhos Verdes region.

The Meaning of Jimão

Word from Olivença and it means cured Iberian ham, In Portuguese and Spanish.

Olivença is a town on a disputed section of the border between Portugal and Spain. It is administrated by Spain in the autonomous community of Extremadura.

As Olivença the town, was under Portuguese sovereignty between 1297, treaty of Alcanizes, and in 1801 it was ceded to Spain under the Treaty of Badajoz. Spain has since administered the territory, and Portugal invokes the self-revocation of the treaty of Badajoz, plus the Treaty of Vienna of 1815, to claim the return of the territory.

In spite of the territory dispute between Portugal and Spain, the issue has not been a sensitive matter in the relations between both countries.

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