The club born under a lamp

The club born under a lamp

In 1911, three friends attended a football match between FC Porto and Benfica. And it was in a lively conversation about football, lit by a lamp on the corner of Rua da Constituição and Rua Particular de Salgueiros, where Salgueiros was born.

In December 1911, João da Silva Almeida, Aníbal Jacinto and Antenor, enthusiastic about the game they had seen, decided to create a football club. The necessary money was raised by singing the janeiras (traditional songs of the Christmas and New Year period) to the neighbors. They bought balls, equipment and it was not long before they started playing. In the 1920s, Sport Comércio e Salgueiros would be named.

Throughout the club’s centenary – and not always happy – history, we can highlight more than 20 seasons in the Portuguese Division I football and a presence in the UEFA Cup against Cannes (where Zidane premiered). One of the most curious facts is undoubtedly the fact that Salgueiros has been champion of water polo 12 times despite never having owned a pool to train or to play.

Nowadays, Salgueiros play in the secondary rankings of the national football and its stadium was turned into an underground station. Still, the mythical “salgueirista soul” was never lost.

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