Garden – Passeio das Virtudes

Garden – Passeio das Virtudes

A viewpoint to discover

The garden is also a special place to enjoy the view over the river, up to Barra Da Foz of Douro. Built on terraces, it also houses a fountain that is National Monument.

The garden, located at the rear of the Palace of Justice, is much sought after not only because of the landscape, but also because it is a place where one can stroll and relax at the end of the day.  Several activities are held in it during the spring and summer.

The largest tree of the species Ginkgo Balboa in Portugal is in this garden, measuring about 35 meters (roughly 115 ft.). Another point of interest is the sculpture “four Knights of the Apocalypse” by Gustavo Bastos.

Highly recommended and  worth a visit is the Fountain of Virtues, which was built in 1619 and also known as the Rio Frio Fountain, considering  it was supplied by a river (currently it runs through culvert pipes) and ran through the plot where the Customs Building (Alfândega) is presently located. The water flowed from two spouting stone heads. Visible from the top are the royal coat of arms, as well as five escutcheons and seven castles.


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