Hélder Pacheco

Hélder Pacheco

The storyteller of Porto

A scholar of the city’s history, he has published dozens of books and hundreds of articles about Oporto. He is one of the few that knows the secrets of the city and the soul of the people of Porto.

Born in the old Rua do Correio, in the parish of Vitoria, Hélder Pacheco has since a child been passionate about the city. His grandfather took him to the old Palácio de Cristal (which disappeared in the 1950s); his father was a supporter of various sports, accompanying sports events that took place in Académico, Camélias Park and Fluvial Park.

The memories of his childhood and many years of study made him one of the greatest specialists in the History of the City. In addition to several works on the history and characters of Porto, he also studied, for example, the hospitals of the city, the festival of São João and the trams. Besides telling facts and stories, Hélder Pacheco demonstrates all his passion in the texts that he writes for the city, apart from sharing his opinion and his vision about what is Porto and what it is to be a local of Porto.

A journey that may seem surprising, considering that he studied Fine Arts. Later, he also studied Pedagogical Sciences and History, passing through the universities of Porto and Coimbra. As a student and researcher he deepened his knowledge in the areas of Education and Cultural Heritage outside of Portugal. He collaborates with newspapers and magazines, has had radio programs and has participated in conferences in Portugal and abroad.

Since the 70’s he has been intensely involved in civic activity, integrating commissions and entities in the areas of Education and Heritage. His work has been recognized with several awards, including the Medal of Merit – Gold Degree – of Porto City Council (1988). He is also an honorary member of several communities of the city.

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