Codfish a la Gomes de Sá
14 March, 2017 /

A dish invented in Porto

The dish has the name of its inventor and the fame of this delicacy of Porto has already crossed borders.

The codfish recipe of Gomes de Sá was invented by José Luís Gomes de Sá Júnior, (1851-1926), a cod merchant who had a warehouse on Rua do Muro dos Bacalhoeiro in Ribeira, Porto. He sold it to a friend, who was a cook at the Lisbonense Restaurant, on the Travessa dos Congregados. Since then the popularity of this dish has not stopped growing and is part of the menu of several restaurants in the city.

According to the original recipe, the cod should be flaked, previously softened in milk for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. Then it should be cooked with olive oil, garlic and onion and accompanied with black olives, parsley and boiled eggs.

The fame of this dish has reached other countries. In Brazil, it is known as “Bacalhau à Porto”. In 1988,in order to honor the creator of this delicacy, the Consul of Brazil in Porto had a plate placed on the wall of the house where Gomes Sa was born, at Rua do Muro dos Bacalhoeiros.

Where to eat: Abadia Restaurant, Adega São Nicolau, Porto.COMe.

2 March, 2017 /

The inspiration came from croque-monsieur, but the sauce was invented in a Porto restaurant and the Portuguese ingredients give it a unique flavor. It is one of the typical dishes of Porto, ideal for cold days and nights. Here is a simple recipe to make when you return home and miss Porto.


1 Beer

1 cube of Beef stock

1 Bay Leaf

1 tablespoon margarine

1 goblet of Brandy or port wine

1 tablespoon corn starch flour

2 tablespoons tomato puree

1 dl of milk

Piripiri q.b.


Dissolve the flour well with the milk and add the remaining ingredients. Blend allthe ingredients together into a smooth paste. On the stove bring the ingredients to a boil until it thickens a little stirring always to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.


4 slices of sliced bread (without crust)

2 steaks

2 sausages

2 Portuguese smoked thin sausages (linguiça)

2 slices of cheese

2 slices of ham

Season the steaks with salt and pepper and grill them, grill the sausage and the linguiça too. Toast the slices of bread. In a oven-proof dish place 1 slice of bread, the steak, the Sausage cut in half, slice of ham and finally the linguiça cut in half just like the sausage. Cover with the other slice of bread and place a slice of cheese over the bread. Pour the hot sauce over the sandwich covered with cheese and place in preheated oven to melt the cheese.