This tower has a fable?

This tower has a fable?

Near the Palácio de Cristal, a medieval tower resembles a story of arrogance and greed that went awry.

Belonging to the emblazoned house that stands on the corners of the D. Manuel II and Júlio Dinis streets, this medieval tower, classified as a National Monument, is also known as Torre de Pedro Sem.It recalls the legend of a very wealthy man who ended up broke and having to beg for pennies.

According to the fable, in the sixteenth century this palace was inhabited by a wealthy man, owner of several ships used for the commerce of spices and precious metals. It is also said that part of their wealth had been obtained by lending money at high interest rates and dragging many people into poverty.

One day, anxious for the arrival of his ships, he climbed the tower to see the boats at the entrance to Barra do Douro. Ecstatic, he would have shouted that his wealth was so great that even God would not be able to make him poor. At that moment, a storm arose and sank all of his ships. His punishment for blasphemy was even greater: a thunderbolt struck the tower, destroying the house and all its assets. Pedro Sem (Peter Without) lost everything and ended his days as a beggar.

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